Frequently Asked Questions

You should find here a lot of answers for your qestions but if you have any other questions or concerns about our offer please feel free to contact us

1. How far is Auschwitz from Kraków?
- Auschwitz is located south-west from Kraków about 70km or 45 miles,

2. How long it takes journey from Kraków to Auschwitz?
- Usually it takes from 1h10 till 1h30 min - depends of the traffic jams,

3. What is a difference between PRIVATE and SHARED (group) transport?
- It's easy:
* private transport is only for you or your friends, you will pay a little bit more but you have a private car with the English speaking driver just for you,
* shared transport is a minivan max for 8 persons included you, usually it's 3 pick up's from difference hotels or apartments in Kraków.
Shared transport is also a little bit cheaper,

4. How much time does it take to see both camps (Auschwitz & Birkenau)?
- Average time of visit both camps is about 3 hours. Visiting Auschwitz takes about 2 hours and Birkenau 1,5 hour.

5. Do we have to pay to see both camps?
- If you decide to walk alone in Auschwitz & Birkenau (without guide) than the entrance is free of charge. You can buy the guide book from the bookshop with all informations about Museum and maps.
- If you decide to take a guided tour - fee is 45PLN or 21€ each per person.

6. How far is Salt Mine from Kraków?
- Salt Mine is located about 25km from Kraków,

7.How long it takes journey from Kraków to Salt Mine?
- Usually it takes from 30min till 45min - depends of the traffic jams,

8. Do we have to pay to visit Salt Mine?
- Yes, Salt Mine is possible to visit only with a guide. Price for a tickets - 116PLN or 27€ each per person, students and children pay 99PLN 24€

9. How much time does it take to visit Salt Mine?
- Average time of visit Salt Mine is about 3h30min.

10. Who will be waiting for us at the airport?
- Our driver will be waiting for You at the airport arrivals holding a card with Your name.

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